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Modern detached and semi-detached houses in the UK


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The Level 2 Survey, previously known as a Homebuyer Survey or Homebuyer Report, is an intermediate and non-invasive visual inspection that focuses on assessing the condition of the main elements of a property, including the roof and heating system. However, it is not as detailed as the RICS Level 3 Survey. During the survey, the AMS SURVEYS team will pay close attention to the tell-tale signs of issues such as dampness or subsidence, and a report with a ‘condition rating’ will be generated following completion to help you with negotiations.

Although the checks are less comprehensive than those involved in a Level 3 Survey, and they do not see our teams go beyond any elements that are not visible, the Level 2 Survey is ideal for individuals who are seeking a professional opinion at an economical price. Additionally, you can add an independent valuation to the survey that will take into account our findings to ensure you are buying the property at the right price.

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  • Roof inspection - paying particular attention to any potential damage or decay from ground level, with binoculars/digital camera

  • Exposed surfaces and floors - unfixed hatches/panels or floorboards

  • Concealed chamber areas normally opened or used by the occupiers, if safe to do so - typical examples include roof spaces, basements, and cellars

  • Windows - one per elevation and one of each different type

A Level 2 report does NOT include an EPC certificate however, a review of the existing certificate will be conducted, and major differences highlighted. Where our surveyor is unable to reach a conclusion with reasonable confidence, we will recommend that further investigations should be made.

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  • Any building in a suitable condition

  • All conventional houses, flats and bungalows

  • Properties built with common building materials

  • Individuals looking for information on the general condition of the property and any required repairs

The Level 2 report is unlikely to be suitable for complex, neglected and older or historic properties where a more in-depth report will be required. This is stipulated as part of the RICS Home Survey Standard

A view of multiple houses, focusing on the first floor exterior and roofs
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  • What is a Level 3 Survey?
    A level 3 survey is more thorough and detailed than than a Level 2 and will address matters such as the materials used for each part of the building, defects and remedial options as well as issues related to the future maintenance of the property.
  • How much does a Level 3 survey cost UK?
    A Level 3 Home Survey, sometimes called a Building Survey, costs £800 on average, though it can be as cheap as £600 and as expensive as £1,200. A Building Survey is the most comprehensive of all the survey types.
  • Is a RICS Level 3 worth it?
    Level 3 (Building or Structural Survey) This type of survey is more in-depth than a Level 2. It's also the best option for unusual or older properties, those that have undergone significant alterations. This type of RICS survey will cover: The property's overall condition in detail, including both major and minor defects.
  • Does a level 3 survey check for damp?
    The surveyor uses equipment such as a damp meter, binoculars and torch, and uses a ladder for flat roofs and for hatches no more than 3m above level ground (outside) or floor surfaces (inside) if it is safe to do so. So yes, the property is checked for signs or evidence of damp, however this may recommend a Damp and Timber Survey whereby chemical testing and analysis may be required.
  • How long does a Level 3 survey take to complete?
    The RICS Home Survey Level 3, also known as a full structural survey and previously as a RICS Building Survey, is the most thorough survey RICS offers. It can take around 2-4 at the property, maybe more depending on the size, type and condition for the surveyor to complete a Building Survey. It then takes several hours more to produce and write the report.
  • Is a Level 3 survey structural?
    The RICS Home Survey Level 3 has often been previously referred to as a “full structural survey” or “building survey”. The report can be on an RICS Home Survey Level 3 template or can be to the surveyor's bespoke design. Level 3 reports are conducted by Building Surveyors. Whilst the structure is reported upon, it does not necessarily provide a detailed investigation of structural issues such as subsidence or cracking which usually requires intrusive investigation. In which case you may need a Structural Inspection.
  • What areas does AMS SURVEYS cover?
    We cover: Cheshire, Lancashire, Liverpool and Manchester and everywhere in between.
  • What are the red flags on a house survey?
    Property surveyors can identify issues that may impact a buyer's decision to continue with the purchase. These red flags could include structural damage, unapproved extensions, damp or subsidence. Ultimately it depends on the cost of those repairs and whether you are able to negotiate the purchase price or willing to accept risk and the cost of those repairs.
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